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June 2, 2006

Explorations of the active side of infinity with time-travelling episodes into the depths of eternity in a quest for the coordinates of our planetary spaceship command the attention of the navigators. Time flexes and fluctuates internally with external repercussions. This is only natural in the continuum. Our probe investigates the shape and density of nature. Time arcs are plastic and infinitely malleable. Sentient beings deflect the plasticity of time with psychological accelerations and outbursts. Mass paranoia densifies and denatures the time arcs deflecting momentum and causing navigational distortions to the time fields. Transformations of the psyches of the paranoid trigger accelerations along the time arcs. Paranoia proliferates politically opening up and ramifying along well worn pathways. Therapies precipitate catharsis permitting psychic recalibrations by the navigators whose sole assignment is to explore infinityplus.