Conundrum vortices


The neuro-technological architecture of Aetheliopolis awaits ramification. In order for the tetraheptahedron to launch the procession from dianoia to episteme to anaplasma – the crystal must be rotated at relativisitic velocities. From the onset of time-dilation (a factor of the Lorentz transformations) the subjects in the psychotronic vortex will begin to experience perceptions of parallel worlds that can be interpreted as geometric fields integrated into a matrix of highly energetic singularities interconnected by electromagnetic whorls that emanate from stars, pulsars, galaxies and ultimately quasars that are throbbing, dilating and palpitating within the Schwarzschild radius of the galactic nuclei – a black hole defined by its accretion disc. When the minds achieve psychic integration, they must coalesce in the singularity matrix of a rapidly permutating possibility lattice capable – with less than perfect predictability – of initiating the cascade into the conundrum vortices.



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